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Beet Pharm Gonzo Playbutton Beet Pharm Beet Pharm

GONZO's new album, beet pharm is available now on Loveway Records. beet pharm is available physically on the Playbutton format and all major digital retailers.

Playbutton is a small wearable button that plays music, for more information about Playbutton visit

Playbutton includes:

  • 1 Playbutton with entire album


  1. Earthling
  2. Light Speed
  3. Legalize
  4. Digitaleyes
  5. Assshake
  6. Acid Rain
  7. Infintus Speculum
  8. Volcano
  9. Eye Get Hi
  10. Turble Turle
  11. Dementia
  12. Sleepless

Only 500 Playbuttons of 'beet pharm' are available. Reserve yours today!

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GONZO is the side-project of Never Shout Never frontman Christofer Drew along with Benjamin Wayne.

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